Thursday, February 19, 2004

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Gawd, I am way behind on my stories. This one is actually being written on Tuesday, February 24.

Before the tourney started, Don's wife came up to me and introduced herself. Don, as you may remember, is the elderly racist who exposed himself to me last week. He couldn't have a nicer wife. She doesn't even know me, doesn't play poker, but she came up to me, shook my hand, and wanted to get to know me. Jeez! Why do these creepy guys get nice wives???

I had the funniest table for the tourney. It was all seniors, and me. No one was talking, no chatting, no trash being discussed. It was silent, save a few small conversations between Carl and myself. Carl is still in the lead for the WPT, and has been playing superbly. Carl and I talked about ESPN adding coverage to the WSOP this year by taping the Razz tournament. I have never laughed so hard about anything. They choose the most boring tournament in the world to cover??? I'm surprised that the WSOP hasn't dropped Razz from the roster yet, but go figure. I guess that since they get maybe all of 20-30 total participants, they figured it would be easy to cover? Oh, well. Carl and I had a good laugh about it, then I took it even further by announcing that our tourney table must be the Razz table, since we were about as boring as that. I don't think anyone save Carl even got the joke.

I didn't do so well for most of the tourney. No big pots. No calls when I went all-in. This was a tight, tight table. We did all of 3 rebuys, lol. Most tables get about 20!

Luckily, ours was the first table to break. I got seated at a younger, chatty table. It was crowded and fun. We bounced trash off of each other and ribbed suck-outs.

I only had two blacks, so I kept going all-in. I managed to get up to about 1000, but that was nothing, when the blinds were 300/600. I went in on total trash hands in the blind. I kept sucking out.

Finally, when we were down to 14 participants left, I actually got a top quality hand. Yippee! Of course, that is the one hand that didn't win either high or low, lol. My A28K ds got counterfeited right on the flop with an ace, turned an eight, and no other low was possible. Naturally, the crap hand who called my all-in took it down with a straight. 57TK rainbow. What a champ! That hand is certainly worth a 1000 bet, lol.

I made it past Glenn, so now I have more WPT points than him and have moved into 3rd place. Think that will last? Um, no. I am way too aggressive, Glenn is way too passive. He can fold himself into points almost every night. I only get points once or twice per week. He'll overtake me in a day, lol.

Betty declared she was going to quit the WPT challenge. Um, okay...why? She has spent about $4000 on these tournaments, to get a $2500 super satellite seat that is non-cash redeemable, and now she wants to quit when we only have five weeks left???

Well, if she does quit, that will boost us up the ladder, and put someone more deserving into the WPT. What a dope!