Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Interesting Comments

While I was at Commerce, several of the players I've gotten to know questioned why I made my journal private and took this one virtually off the air.

I told them the story about the hate mail, the violent threats I'd gotten over some of my most candid posts.

While everyone was sympathetic and understanding, one thing that was said time and again was that I cannot take even violent threats over the Internet as seriously as I would take a face-to-face threat.

They begged me to put my journal back out for public consumption, saying my writing was too good to be private. Although I have never believed that I was a good writer (I see my writing as juvenile), I'm glad that so many others have been snowed into thinking I know what I'm doing, lol.

One thing that kept cropping up in discussions at Commerce was putting my journal back up for the general public. In separate conversations with totally different people. So many requests are hard to ignore.

I think that the general consensus among the top tourney players, something unsaid yet obvious if I read between the lines, is "Felicia, you can't play poker at this level, but you sure are an interesting writer, so stick to what you are good at!"

LOL, ow, but I get the message, so here I am.

PS: If I get killed and buried in a shallow grave in the Mojave, you have no one to blame but yourself, hahaha.