Monday, February 23, 2004

Monday, February 23, 2004

Wow, I'm running bad. It's official now. Running bad. Playing bad? Maybe somewhat.

I played about two hours of 4/8 FK and got hammered. No, I don't mean 72o, I mean I didn't win a hand. Two hours, with plenty of quality starting cards, yet never won a hand. Down about $175.

Thinking this would make me a clear favorite for the tourney, I sat down with happiness. After all, I might have lost $175 playing a cash game, but I was sure to win at least $40 in the tourney (LOL).

The Grim Reaper followed me throughout the tournament. In the limit portion I played two hands outside of the blinds. Both times I got nothing: 77, QJs. At the very end of the limit portion I had A6s in the BB and flopped a six. The board was 762. I went all-in with my remaining red ($5 chip, lol). Naturally someone had a seven. Why he was playing trash in EP is beyond me, but whatever.

So many times I've come back from the break and started killing the table. Things seem to turn around. Not this time, however, as the monkey stayed on my back. First hand after the break I was dealt KQs. It was passed to me in LP. I decided to go for the steal. Also, three people from our table hadn't made it back from the break, so we were severely shorthanded.

The BB pondered his decision for a full minute. He was clearly agonized to call such an early all-in. He must have thought he was up against a large pocket pair. But then it dawned on him that I had lost every, single hand I'd been dealt, and he gladly called, knowing that he could beat me, too. After all, everyone else had!

KQs against 99. Naturally the flop was all rags, turn, river, nothing that could even beat a nine.

First hand of the "real" tourney and I'm gone. C'est la vie...running bad.

Yeah, I know, I said I was going to slow down, as a new strategy. I meant it. This was just too good of an opportunity to steal. It was a mistake, but not by much. The BB really shouldn't have called an all-in. He didn't have that many surplus chips to burn. But it is easier to call an all-in when you see that a player has lost every hand. Every confrontation they have been involved in, they have been outdrawn. You see them lose hand after hand, and subconsciously, whether you realize it or not, you are more apt to call them. You don't fear them, their raises mean nothing. The two cards they hold are trash, regardless of whether they are AA or 72o.


I guess that someone wised up ESPN to the fact that Razz is boring. Now I see they are going to cover a Stud and an Omaha tourney instead. Good job, whoever you are.


Not long after I busted out, Glenn busted out. As we were walking out the door, we saw little Gene entering the Belle. I had heard that he won one of the $2500 WPT seats at the Riverside. Woohooo! Since the first one, which is rumored to have been fixed, was won by the poker room manager, the rest are being snapped up in rapid succession. Gene was able to get one, so now he is not worried about trying to get enough points for the Belle's promo. He was about sixth on the list, now he has dropped down, due to not playing all of the tourneys. Go Gene!


Okay, I give up. Please, one of you many blogger geeks, tell me how I can get updates to the bloggers sent to me. Someone said something a couple of weeks ago on their journal about getting updates, rather than going through all of the journals every day to see who has made a new entry. It is getting overwhelming, even for someone like me, who can read very quickly. Help!

Felicia :)