Thursday, March 11, 2004

Planet Poker Weekly PJK Tourney

Planet Poker Weekly PJK Tourney

I am getting ready to send our list to Roy Cooke. So far I have the 24 names listed on the left side of my site (under Participants).

Prolific PJK's who are missing and might have told me they wanted in, but I either didn't get the e-mail, or forgot to add you are as follows:

1) Grubby

2) Grubette

3) Decker--Responded positively

4) Al (dead money)

5) Love/Casino War--Oops, my bad. He responded during the first interest list.

6) Brian (trilliq)

7) Bullets in the Hole

8) Chicago Phil

9) Fish with a Pole

10) Mean Gene--Responded positively

11) Poker Babe

12) Poker Fish 2.0

13) Thoroughbreds

14) Rhymes with Poker

15) Stick n Move

16) Intrepid

17) Shift Left

18) Cardplayer

19) TP (Travis)

20) Paul Phillips

21) Penguin

22) Poker Watch

23) Middle-Aged

24) Royal

25) Lion Tales

26) Coder

27) Suited Trash

28) Openers

29) Garro

30) As I Please

31) Vagaries

Please write me if you want in and I somehow missed you. I want to send the list to Roy, to begin pre-registration. By not pre-registering, it doesn't mean you can't play now, or sometime in the future, but this just makes it easier for me and the folks at Planet Poker.