Thursday, April 22, 2004

Off to see the Wizard

Okay, we're out of here. I just got the 411 from a dealer. The Stud tourney might be televised, ugh (mostly just final table coverage). So I'm either going to bow out of that, if I find out for sure, or if they don't know until it's too late, I'll be in there anyway. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll decide a $1500 Stud event is not important enough to tape.

Thanks for the support and encouraging words, everyone. This is a pure freeroll for me, so I have nothing to lose at this point!


Glenn and I are taking off for Binion's either today or tomorrow. I want to play in some more satellites before the Bellagio tourney ends (while the competition is still weak, I pray), and then enter the Stud event on Saturday.

There will not be a PJK tourney this Sunday at Planet. Attendance has ground to a halt, so I think having them every other Sunday might help things. Who knows. At any rate, Iggy has come up with some great ideas about rebuys and sending one of US to a bigger tournament with a side-fund to these tourneys. We could also do bounties, or some kind of championship. Anyone else have ideas? I don't want this to die out.

See you all soon!