Saturday, May 22, 2004

Iggy, Hank & Co. in Vegas

Glenn and I picked Iggy up from the airport on Thursday. Yes, he really is a man. We spent the evening raping the fish at Binion's.

Iggy crashed at Key Largo, Glenn and I got a last minute room at California.

We met up again yesterday (Friday). Dana (shaynamouse) was also there from San Jose, CA. She was playing 6/12 cash games.

It was a madhouse at Binion's. They extended the max entrants to 2600. 2400 and 200 alternates. It was just a huge crush.

I saw several friends and acquaintances. Dr. Al was playing in the media event, as was Michael Wiesenberg. Sam Grizzle was there, and remembering me from the Razz event, called me "lucky." Tanya from Kingman was playing in the media event.

Michael gave me a super present of a duplicate set of WPT dvd's he had. They were from the WPT, so he could have sold them on ebay, but gave them to me. What a great guy!

I came home to some flames, but whatever. I don't really care what anyone thinks of me, or thinks of what I say. Pretty much I figure they shouldn't even bother wasting their time flaming me. If I own the site, I'll just delete it, if I don't, I'll just ignore it. Basically, this is my diary, so no one else is entitled to criticize what I write. Either read it and enjoy, or don't come here. I don't really care.

Glenn and I were going to drive up to Mesquite and play an event or two in the Oasis Open. My sugar has been so bad over the last few days that Glenn said, "Forget it!" So that means we have to wait til June 2, and the California Poker Championship at Commerce in LA. Oh, well. Glenn is just looking out for me.

Do you remember from last year, my friend Chris, the poker pro who lived in Laughlin? I have written quite a bit about him, so you can do a search if you are interested. Anyway, Chris won the first event in Mesquite after leaving Laughlin and moving to Vegas. Go Chris!