Saturday, May 15, 2004

Tropicana Redux

The Tuesday tournament had an even bigger turnout than the Trop expected, so it took them awhile to get it going. I had too many good starting hands, got outdrawn too many times, and found myself going all-in not long after the first break (4th round). I survived my first 3 all-in's, but the fourth bumped me out at 50th (of 117).

Did very well at the 5/10 ring Stud game. The competition wasn't nearly as "rocky" as the 4/8 at Bellagio.

82 people signed up for the Wednesday night LHE tourney. It was $50+10 with NO rebuys. Picked up lots of pocket pairs, but never made a big score on any of them, just kept about even until the structure sped up. Went all-in on my SB with AJ. BB stayed in with 7T, caught a 7. IGHN. I was out 35/82. Hubby lasted until 24th with NO pocket pair ever and best starting hand KT...ick!

Hubby made his best score at 4/8 HE. About $150 in an hour. Awesome table, I never could get on it (was on the list, but they had to open a new 4/8 table).

Still had a great time. I don't know if all of the rooms at the Trop are suites are not, but we certainly got a suite with a huge four-person jacuzzi and one of those showers with sprayers all over the place, coming out of the walls, etc. Awesome for only $60 (poker room rate), but the king-sized bed was still hard as a Motel 6, lol.

Felicia :)