Sunday, August 15, 2004

Two Week Absence

I'm sorry I've been gone.

I got a call from my Dad two Sundays ago. He didn't think my Grandmother was going to pull through this time. Glenn and I already had bags ready, sitting by the door.

We drove to southern Missouri as fast as possible and arrived on Tuesday about noon. The hospital had discharged my Grandmother due to her "terminal" condition.

My Grandfather had her taken to a nursing home which provides hospice care for terminal patients. The hospice was top notch and taught me some of the things I needed to know that I hadn't been taught in the past (by another hospice which took care of my maternal Grandmother three years ago).

I tried to make her last week comfortable and painless. I had to do most of the work, because we have a very small family and besides having a very strong constitution, I am the only female left.

She died exactly a week later, on Tuesday at 12:45pm. Her funeral was on Friday and I sang the song she'd made me promise to sing for her.

Immediately after the funeral, Glenn and I got our dogs from my Grandparent's house and left. We arrived Saturday night at almost midnight.

Felicia :)