Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Watch This Space!

Glenn has a new post out.

I finished writing about my Grandma. It's long, it hurt, but I had to finish.

I am writing a post about last Friday at Bellagio and Binion's.

I am writing a post about a few NLHE tourneys I have played in recently.

Glenn was playing in the Pacific tourney on Sunday when he suddenly just disappered from the tournament (he wasn't in a hand). His chips disappeared with him, and no one got them, they were just gone, as was he. He got absolutely no resolution over the phone, nor has he gotten any follow-up. Boo, Pacific!

I am going to try to start up my "journal of the week" again. There are so many great journals out here! Also, if you don't see yours listed in my links, please drop me a line. Don't bother if you're the type of journal which has no personal content. I won't list it. If you have not updated in a month or so, I might have deleted your journal. If you are starting anew, please feel free to let me know.

Felicia :)