Tuesday, September 28, 2004

WPPA Event Additions

For anyone interested, the WPPA event being held right now at the Orleans is going to add several NLHE events to their schedule. Events will be held daily at noon, and always have extremely low juice (as low as 2% per event, including satellites!).

The regular schedule will be played, as well, but those events will follow the noon event each day at 2pm. Participants are now being given double the starting chips, in order to promote the very best play. The Orleans is also holding their evening tourneys at 8pm, which are mostly NLHE with a much lower buy-in (but higher juice). They also have been holding both single table and multi-table satellites and super satellites to upcoming WPPA events.

The rumor mill is that the TV station covering the WPPA tournament is going to sponsor several freerolls for their 5k main event next week. Please watch this space for further details. You can win a 5k NLHE seat for absolutely zero buy-in, just show up at the Orleans when I give the word, if things come to fruition.

Feel free to spread the news as well as posting my tournament reports on other sites. I am doing tournament reporting for the WPPA, as well as playing in some events, so I've been very busy, and I can't post to all of the poker groups as usual.

Felicia :)