Friday, October 08, 2004

Brief Respite

I am so unbelievably burnt out. I bubbled last night trying to win my $5000 seat for the final. I had 22 in the BB, flopped a set of deuces. Asher Derei had QJ and the flop held a ten. Ace on the turn, King on the river, and IGHN on the bubble.

Since I didn't win a seat, I decided to get a list of the players, stick around for a couple of hours this afternoon to make sure things got off well, then come home for a day or three (lol), and decompress. I feel like I could sleep a week!

The full TV coverage doesn't start until Monday, although you would never know it, with all of the cameras and interviews going on.

All of the best players are in this event; Dan Harrington, Amir Vahedi, Chip Jett, Carlos Mortenson, Kathy Liebert, Scotty Nguyen. I could go on and on, there are so many great players.

Anyway, I'm home for a few days and will address some issues/answer some questions from the last two weeks when I get a minute.

Felicia :)