Friday, October 15, 2004

A Precursor to Revealing the Orleans Nightmare

It seems as if every time I turn around, I'm embroiled in some kind of controversy that shakes the ground I walk on. It's like I'm a trouble-magnet.

People like to say things around me that should never be said in public. People like to pretend I'm not there, and air their dirty laundry never knowing it's going to be repeated.

One thing that I've been accused of is making a mountain out of a molehill. I've heard this by several parties during my lifetime. I used to mull things over in my head and wonder if I truly was making more out of something than there was in reality. These days I just brush off those comments.

The thing I discovered is that there are two types of people. Some people choose to bury their heads in the sand and pretend like things around them aren't happening. They are "dull" to what is going on in the world. My husband, Glenn is like that, which is how I was led to discover why certain people always seemed to accuse me of making a big drama out of something.

One time Glenn and I were somewhere and there was a very angry man making trouble. Naturally I stepped right into it, trying to diffuse the situation and not allow this man to abuse patrons of a business. He then turned his anger towards myself and Glenn, cursing at me, calling me names, anything in order to vent. The situation was resolved eventually. It was obvious that this man needed some help, and he was detained and given assistance.

Okay, so the funny thing about this story is that Glenn didn't remember any of it happening. He just stood there in muted silence as this man was attacking business patrons, threatening them with violence, then turned to Glenn and me and started threatening us while calling us every name under the sun. When I asked Glenn later why he didn't do anything, why he just stood there like a wax dummy, he responded that he "never heard the guy say or do a thing." !!!???!!! What? The guy is being surrounded by people trying to calm him down, the police are being called, the guy is lashing out at patrons of a business, the guy is threatening to kill people, the guy is calling Glenn and his wife names, and Glenn doesn't remember anything?

I thought this was just Glenn's way of refusing to get involved in any stressful situation, but over the years (this was eight years ago), I learned that Glenn actually goes into a type of shock, and if he doesn't acknowledge something, if he ignores it, he truly can live in that surreal, altered universe. He has done this over and over again in the years we have been married. I have gotten used to it.

I remember when I was a kid, getting defense training in school by cops who would come inform the public, and especially the girls, how to defend themselves and get help in a bad situation. The one thing they told us time and again, was never to yell, "Help!" They said no one would come. At the time, I thought they must be on crack. What do you mean, you yell for help and people refuse to come? They told us, instead, to yell, "Fire!" They said help would come from everywhere immediately.

I have also been told by the police that when witnesses are interviewed after a traumatic event, some of them absolutely refuse to believe it had even happened, denying they heard calls for help, denying they heard the crack of gunshot. They have trained their minds over the years not to allow any reality to enter it. If they deny it long enough, it simply doesn't exist.

So that describes the people who tell me that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

On the other hand, there are people like me. I would probably describe myself as hypersensitive. I see things around me. I don't deny reality or horrors that happen in the real world. Someone palms a chip, I see it, and I don't just throw it out of my mind, hoping not to make trouble in the cardroom, I stand up and shout. I bust the scummy little cheater, angleshooter and thief faster than you can cry "foul!"

Where is all of this leading? Well, it is leading up to the way I'm going to describe the events that happened at the Orleans. The WPPA, GSN, the staff at the Orleans.

When I publish everything that has happened over the past two weeks, there are many things that will occur. First, the "bury the head in the sand" people will come out and say I'm exaggerating the way things occurred. They will feel as if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. They will claim that things weren't nearly as melodramatic as I'm describing them. They refuse to face reality. If someone came and lifted their wallet out of their pocket, they would claim that the thief didn't exist, and they must have left their wallet at home, by accident, only to find out later that they were robbed and their money, as well as their identification and credit cards, are gone.

The second thing that will happen is that I will likely be threatened with lawsuits for libel. The great thing about libel is that it's really hard to get a judge to listen to the accusation, if the person doing the so-called libeling is TELLING THE TRUTH!

I have already been threatened by the Game Show Network. I'm sure the threats will continue, as well as attorney's letters being sent to me of "cease and desist," but no libel lawsuit will likely ever be heard in court, as they never had me sign a non-disclosure agreement, nor am I lying about any of the events that occurred.

As I begin on my journey of exposing the truth about the nightmare that was the Orleans, I wonder how this will change my poker adventures. Will I be welcome in major tournaments, or will the staff feel threatened by my mere presence? Will I be warned every time I buy into an event, that anything I write on my website will be monitored, and lawsuits will be forthcoming if I publish anything negative about the event? Will WCP avoid me like the plague, scared to death I might publish something overheard or seen at the tables?

I don't have the answers, I only know that telling the truth, and the whole truth, not a watered down version of the facts, is the only way I can function as a human being. Does that make me a better person than the "bury my head in the sand" people like Glenn? No, absolutely not. Glenn has to live the way he can. Glenn has extremely volatile, high blood pressure. He cannot allow himself to experience too much stress or he'll have a stroke. He almost had a major stroke at only 29 years of age. Glenn has to hide from the horrors of the world. He is forced to be PC, to go-along-to-get-along. He has to train himself not to see the stark world in black and white, but to pretend like there is world peace, pretend like everyone is smiling and happy, there is no crime, there are no women crying out for help when attacked. Glenn is forced to live in a fantasy world. Glenn says part of the reason that he lives in this world is just pure shock. Sometimes something abominable happens, and Glenn goes into shock; shock and disbelief. Unable to control himself, his memory simply denies the event, and erases it from history.

I am cursed and live in the real world, the black and white world where some people are incredibly evil and do things that only those spawned from Satan would even consider. I have to respond to cries of "Help!" It is my lot in life. God gave me the hypersensitivity, the discernment to handle these things. He also gave me the rock-hard personality to endure the horrors of the real world, in all of its scars and glory. I don't whine about my place on this earth, it is what I was meant to be. I can only reveal it, knowing I'm doing the right thing at all times.