Thursday, April 21, 2005

No Liver Cancer!

I spent the whole of yesterday at my new doctor's office here (a local PCP to just help with any small things), and at the hospital getting tests.

My liver labs were so high that they did everything as if it were an emergency and I only had days to live, lol. In a way that was good, I finally got some answers. In a way, though, being only 5 days out from surgery, it almost killed me just running around all day long.

I'll try to type more later, right now I'm still so weak I can barely sit up.

Anyway, the good news we got this morning is that I definitely do NOT have liver cancer. Yes, there is something very wrong with my liver labs, but it is not cancer.

Supposedly the numbers are supposed to run about 50-60, and mine were over 600 for one test, and over 900 for another, which is very bad, and cannot remain that high for long without killing someone.

So the great news is, I don't have liver cancer. The bad news is, they still aren't sure why my labs are so out of whack, why my liver is swelling and causing some pain occasionally. And they have to find out sooner rather than later, if the labs don't improve.

I'll update you as more test results come in. I'm sure it's something bizarre and easily remedied.

Felicia :)