Monday, August 15, 2005

More Ranting

Heather wants me to post some rants about specific bloggers, kind of fake mixed with real ones at the same time. Like: "Heather, ever think about actually folding a PLO8 hand pre-flop?"


"Chad, why do you even bother to try to talk?"

Mixed with fake ones like:

"Bad Blood, why do you pick your nose all of the time while playing online poker?"
Hmmm, I don't think that is my bag. I hate people enough without trying to make up fake reasons to hate them more.

Anyway, since I deleted a whole bunch of blogs, I'm going to add some that I've been reading and enjoying for a while.

Please guys, don't disappoint me! Keep these blogs at least halfway readable!

Human Head
Matt Matros

If you think your poker blog should be included (and it really is mostly about poker), then feel free to contact me and see if I will add you. But don't be a wuss and be all hurt if I tell you that your blog sucks, because most of them do (including this one), and if I don't personally get off on it, I won't add you.

Felicia :)