Friday, July 22, 2005


The oncologist just got the lab results back from Wednesday. My labs are up, so I have to continue chemo. Boo!

They want Glenn to give me the Procrit shot today, since it seems to be working, so that it will be in my system longer before my next treatment. So I imagine tomorrow will be pain-day for me, but I'm going to get some Percocet in my system and try to keep up on the tiny doses enough not to be overwhelmed by the pain.

We are heading down to Phoenix on Tuesday, chemo #2 will be on Wednesday at 1pm.

I hope to get some good posts out before then. Maybe I need some encouragement to write. Right now I have that depressed attitude of "Who really cares? And furthermore, who is reading it and getting something out of it?" Guess I'm just dreading the shot and next week.

Felicia :)