Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Few Things...

First of all, before I get onto any other topic, I'd like to just shout a big THANK YOU to the many people who have supported me, and written me (with kindness) over the past year (not a complete list, by far, but I got sick of linking).

Sometimes I go off on such tangents and rants, that I end up not acknowledging the people who continue to support me. I know that out of the hundred or so readers of my site, only one or two are truly the haters, who constantly flame me or find something to destroy. That leaves most of my readers in a hard spot. They have to put up with my griping and whining, just to get to the heart of my posts.

Lately I have been able to actually type up some good information, because I have separated myself from some people who were handicapping me. This has left me free to write about what I really want to write about, rather than play defense.

Most of my posts are thoughts that I have about certain poker subjects that I am interested in. I am a thinker, my mind never stops. But don't believe for one second that I am an artist or creative person. I'm not. I haven't had a unique thought since Nixon was in office. Almost everything I write about has been addressed thoroughly before. The short-term loan analogy? I've heard that for the past decade.

I'm simply good at writing things down, at telling a story. That's it.

Lately some of my posts have been picked up by outside sources. This happened to me a couple of years ago, too, when my journal was really well read (back then I was getting about 500 visitors per day. These days, I'm lucky to get 150, and that's on a good day). I used to get upset about my content being stolen, and rarely credited. But today, well, there are just so many sites reproducing our material. I think it's a losing battle, especially if they link to us. I'm not going to waste my time on chasing them down. But thanks for the heads up!

Since my mind is relatively clear (not too angry at any one thing right now, lol), and my health is the best it has been in a long time (thank God), I'm going to try to write as much as I can on subjects I've long been itching to write about. Here are some of the topics I'd love to tackle:

1) More Psychology of Poker
2) Third (and final??? Naw, I don't think so!) theory on the demise of Stud
3) Future of Cardrooms
4) Grinding Omaha online
5) Future of tournament poker
6) Narcissism and poker

I'll try to get something of substance up today. But I simply wanted to post this first. Because for all of the ragging I do, I also try to give credit where credit is due.


Felicia :)