Monday, June 19, 2006

Blogger Freeroll FYI

I didn't play in the Blogger freeroll. FeliciaLee was Glenn.

Back when we first opened a Stars account, only one account per household was allowed. I learned this the hard way, after having spent the winter with my Mom in Nevada. We opened a Stars account once we retired from AOL. I think it was in the fall of 2002. When we left for the east coast spring in 2003, my Mom wanted her own account. Since we'd opened our Stars account with my Mom's address (we had our east coast house for sale at that time), we were unable to open an account for my Mom. Eventually Stars believed us about the situation and let my Mom have her own account.

Since I don't play online very often, I just assumed their policy was the same. Once again, Al bailed me out of a situation I've become to hate more and more over the years. He told me that Stars had changed their policy, and that he knew this firsthand, since he and Eva had separate accounts.

I went and read through everything on their site, and noticed that it does seem to be allowed.

So now I can open another account, an anonymous account so that I can play in peace.

I don't think I've had one Stars session in the past year or so which hasn't ended in IM's, PM's or e-mails. Someone from 2 Plus 2, here or elsewhere assumes I am playing, when it is usually Glenn. They ask me why I'm slumming in the NLHE micros. Why I'm playing Stud 8 when I said I only play O8 online. Why I'm playing in a LHE freeroll. Why, why, why. They are offended that I didn't answer them in chat. Offended that I left the table right after they sat in.

Since Glenn rarely has chat on, and I never do, I changed my location to indicate that I wasn't chatting. I also don't have avatars on, so no one would understand why I didn't "get" their pic, or why I had a pic of our Chihuahua on Stars when I've always said I don't usually post dog pics.

With a new account, I can just play an hour here or there every once in a while, working off that Stars bonus in peace and anonymity. I don't have to have some stupid avatar that Glenn put up, and I don't have to listen to people complain about my behavior or game selection.

Believe it or not, I'm not looking for attention. We opened that account four years ago, and never figured I'd become the trainwreck of bloggers back then. FeliciaLee was just some low limit Stud player. Still am, I guess. I didn't understand the impact that a nickname I wouldn't be allowed to change later would have on me. I just don't dig it.

So look for "IBustChumps" from now on at Stars, lol.

Felicia :)