Friday, June 09, 2006

Technology of the Future, an Update

Dang, I love being right. If I say something positive and encouraging, I absolutely LOVE it when I'm correct. Of course, if I predict something negative and it comes to fruition, I hate being right.

I remember a loooooong time ago when I first heard about dealerless poker tables. Like almost everyone else on 2+2, I was appalled. But then I opened my mind and started thinking of the possibilities. I really put aside my gag-reflex about the whole idea, and tried to think positively.

Increase game speed by 50%? Decrease angle-shooting? Eliminate cheating (for the most part. Some cheaters will always find a way)? Keep games like Stud and Omaha alive and FAST?

Maybe this wasn't such a bad deal after all.

I have never seen one of these machines, nor played at one, but I am ecstatic to report that many players who have tried them are feeling the same way I do.

This is NOT internet poker. It's nothing like internet poker at all. That is the first thing I thought of, hence the biggest reason for my gag reflex, lol. I don't like internet poker, never have, so why would I support anything even vaguely similar?

It is still LIVE poker. You still have an opponent on your left, and one on your right. Maybe the guy on your right still stinks like he always did ;)

You will still have tells, telegraphing (albeit a bit different than before), WPT kids, table talk and everything else you have come to love about live poker.

What you won't have is misdeals, buttons in the wrong place, chip palming, stealing, dealers taking five minutes to change decks, count down decks, count down their box, get fills, make change, etc (this is not their fault and a necessary evil of a live dealer, absolutely no offense intended, that's just the way it is).

Yes, there will be bugs. Yes, there will still be some kid staring you down for two minutes while he decides if it's worth it to call your $2.00 raise. But hopefully the bugs will work out over time. Idealistically, the machines will be so smooth and so fantastic that every cardroom will want one.

I pity dealers who will be out of work, but let's be realistic, the best ones will ALWAYS have a job and always have a place to go. They will be either in the poker room or in the pit, but they will always be making good money.

I was ecstatic to read a real, live, honest report of these machines by another blogger. Just a regular guy, a yahoo like the rest of us (not a "paid" poker superstar whose best interest is to hype the machine).

Thanks, Falstaff, and please feel free to contribute to this thread, as I will continue to monitor and contribute to yours.

Felicia :)