Thursday, June 01, 2006

Four Real Strategy Posts Upcoming (and a token rant)

Since so many things have been going on here lately, I have about five posts on the back burner that I've been trying to get to. I love lists, but I hate when people post them. I am the number one, numero uno offender of posting the "to do" list on a so-called poker blog (well, at least the to do lists are actually about poker, lol).

This is the one thing I'm surprised I'm not flamed about more. I post to do lists ALL the time, after harping on how much I hate it when people post to do lists. I'm so bad about that, it ranks right up there with my abuse of LOL, haha, smilies, quote marks and all of that other stupid stuff. Oh, and disclaimers. I could write a disclaimer at the beginning of virtually every paragraph posted here. Not that it would do any good, but in my warped mind, I always have a disclaimer or two ready to go at any given time! Let's guess who will never be a real writer? I'll give you three chances, and the first two don't count...

One time I had a professional writer critique my journal. I remember one thing he said that amused me to no end. He said that I don't type like I would speak. He said my use of language (vocabulary and grammar) was awkward and unnatural. The worst thing about this, is that I speak exactly like I type. Oy, vey. No wonder no one likes being around me!

So anyway, some of the things I am interested in addressing are the following:

1) Reevaluating PLO8
2) Grinding LO8
3) Good Games vs. Recreational Games
4) Finish Nerd Post
5) Ray Zee & Stud

Yes, you will recognize some of these from previous to-do lists. At least I'm hitting about 4:5 with some consistency. Better than never addressing anything at all, I suppose.

Just touching briefly on #4, the nerd post. What do you know. I was just thinking of Simon Trumper when I wrote that post, and then he comments. Not only do "nerds" never get credit, but neither do non-Americans. Some of the very best poker blogs are written by Europeans like Simon, and they are ALWAYS left off of the best of lists. Simon can walk a reader through a hand like nobody's business, yet he never gets mentioned. Some yahoo tried to give me the excuse that the reason Simon is left of is because he is paid to write his poker blog. So what?!? If it deserves mention, it deserves mention. Most of these so-called critics of poker blogs (the people in the mags doing the top 10, top 25, top 100 can't see past their own penises long enough to list the REALLY good poker blogs, choosing instead to list their friends, their mutual masturbation buddies, their countrymen, etc. I have heard every excuse in the book, and NONE of them fly).

Okay, so at least I got a bit of a rant out of my system. Thanks for the comment, Simon, and keep on being you. Lots of us appreciate what you do for us when we read every entry of yours.

Since this is shaping up to be more of an outline post, instead of a post about one particular subject, I'll just say that I heard back from Ray today, and he is happy with my Stud posts, and is glad I'm carrying the torch. I guess someone has to. Or maybe not. Maybe we just let it die? Naw, not me. That fuels me on to write another Stud post, but since I haven't played in a month, I don't have the drive. Since we'll be in Vegas sometime this month, and the Stud games at the series are always top-notch, I'm sure I'll get some motivation. If I had to give you a timeline, I'd say look for another Stud post very late this month, or early July.

So I suppose the wrap-up here is that I'm going to hit #3 today. Recreational games versus serious games. I'll let you know how to spot which game you are in, how to choose, and the best method of playing.

Look for the post later today.

Felicia :)