Friday, May 26, 2006

Can't You Read, You Moron?

After a day of relative peace, the hate mail is starting to roll in again.

A funny one I just received is from a guy on the east coast. One of the bleeding hearts who thinks I shouldn't say anything negative, ever, true or not. I should attempt to sugar-coat my journal, my life and the poker world. Kumbaya, buddy.

After he curses me out (, he starts ranting about things that either have nothing to do with me at all, or things that he thinks I place myself "above." Obviously reading comprehension is missing a little bit with this genius, since some of the very things he thinks I'm putting others down for are the things I admit to doing myself, all the time. Oh, will they ever learn?

Not the brightest tool in the shed, after all of that, he is still reading my journal! Um, okay.

I think I have the Howard Stern effect on people. They hate me, but they just can't stand to look away for a minute, thinking they might miss something.

The more people I tell to leave, the more people COME. Rubberneckers. I guess having a double digit IQ somehow attracts people to trainwrecks.

Since the guy was so vehement in his attack, I went to look at his blog, which I'd never been to before. Um, no wonder.

Broken links, misspelled words, incorrect grammar. Horrible, horrible boring stories, hand histories and bad beat tales. Ugh, no mystery why he has no visitors. I practically heard the crickets chirping in there, it's so dead. No wonder I never stumbled upon his site, no one has him linked! Even the lemmings can't bring themselves to stoop that low.

Can't write, can't play. Oy, what a life. I actually feel somewhat sorry for him.

With all of his threats, I wonder if he'll approach me at some get together. He'll know what I look like, but I'll have no clue. I'd bet a billion to one that he doesn't have the balls to say in person what he said in his hate rant.

And people wonder why I distanced myself so much from the so-called "poker blogging community."

Matt, you'd better do something, quick! I think we're running a photo finish here in the hate department.

Watch, next I'll be getting death threats again.