Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Suck Me at the Riverside

Here is the first in a series of funny happenings at the Riverside.

Lately I've developed a soft spot for the Riverside. Readers will remember how I have raked them over the coals during the past three years due to the mafia-like ownership and some of the atrocities that occur there.

Mike, the CRM, is from the sports book, however, and does not run the room the way that Bear ran it. The prize pools are correct, completely outrageous behavior is not tolerated, and Mike is a pretty laid back preson. If I could criticize him for anything, it would be that he is not a strong CRM and kind of lets everyone else run the room, like James at the Belle, but with less smarmy disgustingness that was James' personality.

One thing I like about Mike is that he doesn't shoot the messenger (me), and that he realizes that some people are out of line, but if he's not going to do anything about them, he's not going to do anything about me, either. Other CRM's have felt that others can cross lines, but not me, since they "know me," or since I'm a female. Not Mike. He may not do anything about the drunk in seat four who is cursing and rude, but he doesn't go off on me, either. I like people who treat all customers the same way, who do not pick and choose when they are going to enforce some random rule.

Anyway, Mike cracks me up. He plays a lot, and sometimes he plays pretty well. He is slightly too tight and timid. But this isn't about Mike's play, I just bring it up because he plays a lot.

One time there was a socallie sitting at our table who had a bad temper. If things didn't go his way, he tended to rant and rave. Sooooo, he calls in EP with 42s, lol. I can't remember if I called or if I was in the blind with something like Q9o. I flopped three nines and bet it all the way. I filled on the river, but it also gave the grumpy socallie a flush. He raised me, I re-raised him. I took the pot.

He was cursing at me, grumbling and mumbling about his horrible luck. He had gone through about five racks this way over the afternoon, yet made the same terrible plays over and over again. Because I was the lone female at the table, he felt he could take his anger and aggression out on me, and started cursing at me.

Mike was on one side of me. The guy on the other side of me was confused about why this dude was so mad at me, when I was ahead all along and he made such horrible plays. I shrugged and dismissed it saying, "That's the Riverside!" He went on about it, how the guy was cursing at me and nothing was being done. I said:

"I don't care what he thinks. He can suck my penis."

The guy next to me was rolling in both shock and the hilarity of the situation. Grumpy fell silent. Mike laughed and didn't say a word.

Felicia :)