Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

And the beat goes on...

I didn't have to play any cash games to further my losses, as the Tuesday night tourney rarely sells out. So maybe I should say that is my +EV for the night? LOL.

I drew a table with a lot of calling stations. Too many, in fact, given my recent string of losses. I went down in flames once again. My hands were as follows: KK, AKo, KK, 76s (bb), KJs (sb), ATs.

The ATs was at the beginning of the 2nd hour, the NLHE portion of the tourney. Naturally someone at our shorthanded table just happened to have AJs, haha.

Ward and I were both running so badly, that I proposed a "last shorter" bet. Ward would have won it, as he went out right before me! Can't even get knocked out before Ward, I must be losing my touch.

One of the dealer's said loudly, "That's Felicia. She is either the first one out, or wins the whole thing!" Lately I've been the first one out :)

Glenn didn't last long after I did. Ironically, he went out versus the same hand as me. AJs. He had AKo, but got no help, whereas Mr. AJs got his jack.

A petition was passed around the poker room to return to the rule of no railbirding during tourneys. I would suppose that the reason the petition was successful was due to what happened with Ali on Friday. I would assume, also, that the petition was started by Betty, out of spite to myself and Glenn, after I threw my sarcasm routine on her.

Naturally, Glenn and I were not asked to sign the petition, nor did we even know there was one, until the rule was changed. I am sure that we would be the last people to be asked to sign the petition (even though I agree with it), since according to Betty and the worst players in the room, Glenn and I have been cheating from Day One (see my old posts about some of the locals telling James that we were cheaters and asking that we not sit at the same table).

Some of the absolutely clueless locals always accuse people of cheating if they win more than their fair share of games and tourneys. So Glenn and I were targets from the start. Of course these people never took it into consideration that perhaps Glenn and I are playing better poker than they are, lol. To them, poker is luck, and no one wins more often than his fair share. Believe me, Glenn and I aren't singled out. There are a dozen of these "so called" cheating couples and friends (partners).

To my knowledge, only the couple from Montana is openly cheating. The couple from California rarely come to the Belle, so we won't even go into them. The couple from Montana are horrible and blatent at it, so their "edge" is completely eliminated when they play at the same table as me. Not to mention that they aren't good players in the first place.

My motto has always been, "If you have to cheat to win at poker, you are probably no good at poker."

Of course, if someone is excellent at cheating, I wouldn't see it, so who knows. But then again, if they are so good at cheating, I doubt they would be playing small potatoes at the Belle.


I put a few pics up on my website. I saw no reason not to make a photo album, so I did. I'm not so fond of the Don King looking shadow of my hair in the pic on the main page, but my shaved down Yorkie, Dax, was just too irresistable. For a winter pic of Dax, see the photo album. Ironically enough, Glenn likes Dax with the longer "Yorkie" hairdo, whereas I like the shaved down Dax.

One journal keeper saw a photo of me in summer clothing, and begged me to post that one, claiming my readership would multiply overnight, lol. Um, do I really want those readers? No, not really. So I deleted that one. I will probably add more pics in time. I'd like to put up pics of our house, our town, Laughlin, etc. One day I will also get the film developed of the first (and only, so far) trophy I have ever won playing poker. Given that we take less than a roll of photos per year, it could be a long time!


My Journal Keeper of the day is:


I wouldn't call Sgt. Rock a poker journal as we think of modern day poker journals, per se, but he is incredibly detailed and interesting. I have been reading his trip reports for years, and I am never disappointed!