Friday, March 12, 2004

Friday, March 12, 2004

"Was this a bad beat? NO. It was just the turn of three cards in a lifelong game." --Don Threetens

I was determined not to let myself get blinded away, like I did on Thursday night, starting as the chip lead at the final table. I could have kicked myself for choking and letting almost 7000 in chips be stolen away from me without making a stand.

So I played with quite a bit more spirit, and made more moves. Not that I like Omaha any better than I ever did, but if I was going out, it was with a bang, not a whimper.

I played at a table with this local named Billy. We all call him The Magician because he wears one of those tall wizard hats. I have no idea why. I don't think I really want to know. When we first moved here I was kind of wary of him, but everyone likes him, and he seems like a friendly guy, so I started accepting him, too. He is a very tight player, seems to know how to play poker well, and is friendly when he gets to know the other locals. One of his hands is kind of like Troy's, half gone. I don't know why. He has such a good sense of humor that someday, when we get to the final table together, I'm going to tell him, "Just think, if you win first, you can buy back the other half of your hand!"

Lately, my catch phrase has been "blow me." The dealers all had to go through some kind of stupid customer service training at the Belle. They aren't supposed to sit with their arms crossed, because that might scare potential poker players away. They are supposed to thank players for playing poker at the Belle. On and on, really juvenile stuff that if they don't already know, they will not learn, and if they do know it, they are already doing it. The Belle dealers are very casual with us. We are almost "friends," instead of customer/employee. I think they should have sent Lavenna to this class twice!

Anyway, so every time the dealers say, "Felicia, thank you for playing at the Belle," it is usually said in a sarcastic way, followed by a laugh. So I keep saying, "Blow me." At least someone is having fun. I'm just not sure how many of us!

So getting back to the tourney. Carl, Magician and I all made it to the final table. So we were in the money, in the points. Carl went through his blinds and still had about 3000 in chips. He said to us, "I'm going to try to use this (pointing to chips) to work my way into $88." That was 9th place, I believe. I was incredulous. The Magician and I looked at each other. Everyone knows by now that I have no tact and always speak my mind. So I said, "I'm going to try to use this (pointing to about 2500 in chips) to work my way into $1200."

The Magician smiled and said, "Now that is how you play poker! That's the right attitude. You go do it!"

I ended up making 8th. I went all-in on an excellent hand, which gave me a shot at doubling up and winning the whole thing. I didn't just get blinded off like an idiot. Why throw away any chance to win $1200 to move up a measly $15????

As I walked away, Magician told me what a great game I'd played (we were sitting together during most of the tourney). I thanked him and told him the same. Later I asked him how he'd done. He had parlayed a paltry little stack into about $300 in prize money, winning 3rd or 4th, I can't remember.

Now THAT is the way you play poker.