Monday, March 29, 2004

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I had a fantastic time at Planet in the PJK tourney.

Yes, I was the first knocked out. Yes, I'd probably do it again, lol. My strategy differs from a lot of players, in that I like to double up quickly, so that I have chips to sit on if I get cold cards. I hate sitting around and getting blinded off to dust. I am an all-in or fold player, as I have written about many times in my journal. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. I don't whine or complain when it doesn't, I just go to the rail and cheer on the other players. That is my style :)

I was seated to Roy Cooke's left before the tourney, and Maudie's right. I had a great position. Unfortunately, I figured we were going to be moved, and we were. We were moved in a lightening flash, and the game started before we could become oriented to our new table. Now Roy wasn't even at my table!

My first hand was UTG, 86o. I folded. My second hand was QQ in the BB. Gpoker raised double the BB. There were two other callers. I didn't want to see a flop, so I went over the top. Only Gpoker called, and my QQ met up with AA.

So I sat around and sweated the tables, cheering on players picked at random, and Gpoker as my favorites.

I had a fantastic time. I think the blind structure and prize pool payouts were very good for our tourney. The tourney went fast, but not because of the blinds, more because we somehow had a group of very fast players this tourney. No one was sitting around, there were lots of moves being made.

In the end, Gpoker won the whole thing. He was volleying back and forth with British writer EOS, who has a lot more experience than him. I thought EOS would take it, as he was clearly making moves that Gpoker had a hard time defending against. EOS's experience was showing. Then EOS lost a big pot against Gpoker and doubled him up. Then, in a strage stroke of fate, both players made flushes, but Gpoker had the higher flush. They both got all-in, and that was the end.

Roy was very courteous and a great sport. He let players rib him about the clunky Planet software. He took it very well, and agreed that they need new software stat (well, three years ago, but whatever).

I was very pleased at the way Planet handled this tourney. They were extremely diligent and ever ready, even at the end of the registration period, to accomodate last minute arrivals. That was not to be expected, as players were supposed to pre-register, not come in at the last minute.

In fact, players were mailing me within five minutes of the start of the tourney, trying to get in! I have been ranting about the pre-registration process since we made the agreement with Planet, so I am pretty surprised that players truly still thought they could just pop in five minutes before the tourney started.

One outside player slipped through the cracks. I have no idea how he got in our tourney, since there was never any open registration, but there ya go! Some kind of glitch in the software, I guess. No one else was allowed in. Strange!

Although Planet doesn't have the greatest software, I still think this is the best thing going for us, right now, on a weekly basis. They are willing to work with us, let us set up the structure, prize pool, etc. We can change games, as Hank wants a HU tourney sometime in the future. We can play Stud, Draw, Omaha 8, whatever!

Great show, guys!

Tournament Information

28 Mar 2004
9:00 PM ETPJK Tourney(Private)$19.00+$1.002521The Tournament is Completed - Results Posted
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Congratulations To : gpoker , Our Tournament Winner!

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Place Nickname Win Amount
1 gpoker  $199.50
2 EOS  $99.75
3 Mean_Gene  $59.85
4 tpfelt  $39.89
5 Paulburbon  $0.00
6 Antifuse  $0.00
7 MaudieB  $0.00
8 Lucas67  $0.00
9 Mckormick  $0.00
10 RoyCooke  $0.00
11 thechainsa  $0.00
12 RicksCafe  $0.00
13 PaulyMcG  $0.00
14 hdouble  $0.00
15 oysifly  $0.00
16 Iceyburnz  $0.00
17 nevins  $0.00
18 stinkypant  $0.00
19 DontPokeMe  $0.00
20 AlCantHang  $0.00
21 DOMIT  $0.00