Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday, March 22, 2004

Another big turnout for the $25 rebuy NLHE tourney. We had maxed out at 50 players, with about 10+ alternates.

I got off to a rough start. In the cash game before the tourney, I dropped $125. We were playing 3/6 with a full kill. I have no idea why this game is being spread now. We were supposed to give up the 4/8 game for a 5/10. Instead, we gave up both the 4/8 and 5/10 for a 3/6???

I got some horribly rivered bad beats. I won't even go into details, but suffice it to say, I got my money in with the best hand; raising, reraising, limp reraising, check-raising. All to no avail, I lost every hand.

During the tourney, I got off to a rocky start as well. My JJ ran up against AA, and the player was so passive that I kept pumping the pot like mad, thinking I had the best hand, especially as there were never any overcards presented.

Then I went all-in with AA, and won against three opponents, but only dragged a small main pot. I ended up having to rebuy anyway when my AKo met J9o.

Once we went to no-limit, I was one of the first eliminated.

I was given a free flop in the BB with Q6s. I flopped top two pair. I shoved all-in. A LP player who had NOT raised before the flop hemmed and hawed, but eventually called. He had AQo. He had flopped top pair, top kicker.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't turn up his hand, nor would Ed make him do so, so I had no idea what he had. Ed turned an ace, rivered a blank. The guy kept looking at MY hand, and saying that I'd won, that he only had top pair.

Then he looked back at his hand, looked at the flop again, looked back at his hand...finally the table started objecting. Ed is supposed to make all-in players turn up their hands before even dealing the next card, but he won't do it. Although it is a house rule, he refuses.

So anyway, the table objected at this prolonged showdown so much that the guy finally turned up his hand. He obviously had a higher two pair.

He didn't do this as a slowroll or out of spite, he was just a new player, clearly nervous, and not having been explained the rules from Ed, didn't know that he was obligated to turn over his hand before the next card was even dealt.

So that was that. I was out.

I sweated all of the locals for the rest of the tourney. I kept running around from table to table, checking on everyone, giving them a thumb's up, etc.

Doug informed me that I should be careful, because the "new allegations" are that Glenn and I are cheating via Glenn wearing headphones, and me wearing the ionizer, which is not really an ionizer at all, but a microphone, which feeds into Glenn's headphones, as I am sweating the tourney and telling him what other players have as their hole cards.

RC is a real piece of work.


I have already gotten a confirmation from our first celebrity guest player. He will be playing this Sunday, March 28, 2004, at Planet Poker.

If you are having any trouble signing up with Planet, or navigating the site, please write me or Planet. I know it is a little...well, clunky? To say the least.

It looks like over 25 want to play, already, so we might have to up the maximum allowed players. I wasn't expecting such a great turnout, but hey, with $1 juice, what is not to love?