Monday, March 15, 2004

Monday, March 15, 2004

Tripping into the poker room, fresh from my two consecutive cashes of last week, I had a pretty good attitude. I was still wary of Hold'em, but at least I had placed 5th in the WBT II, and sat at two final Omaha 8 tables.

So no, I didn't expect to win, or even cash, but at least the two month drought was over.

RC was at my table. Sometimes I think he has simply lost his mind. In one hand, an EP player raised (probable AK). I called with 99 (this was in the very first level, but I should have re-raised). Stand-up-Jack went all-in. RC called the raise and the all-in from the SB. The flop came 62x, all low. RC bet. I couldn't figure it out. The turn was another deuce. Surely he didn't call BTF with a deuce in his hand???? When the dust cleared, Jack had JJ, I had 99, RC had 62o! Yes, he really did call all of those bets, out of position, with 62o.

In the first hour, I was dealt QQ, KK and KK. The last KK was busted by 99, and I had to make a rebuy.

After that, I didn't win a hand. Our table broke up, and I went to another table, which was more aggressive than my first. I still never saw a playable hand. There were a few times I would have gone all-in BTF, but at least one person beat me to it. They were marginal hands, like ATo, A9s, KJo, but I was desperate, and needed chips.

Ironically enough, I would have been eliminated with all of the above hands. So I help out a little bit longer, but I really didn't have a chance.

Finally I had to put 2 of my three remaining chips into the BB. I told the guy to my right, who also had just 3 chips left, "Well, if no one else comes in, it is either you or me." I don't think he got my meaning. I don't think he knew proper tourney strategy.

I went all-in blind. Believe it or not, three other players were in the pot! Two others were all-in, and one had a mountain of chips. The guy with the mountain is Mike M. He is a LAP. This time he really had a hand, QQ, which stood up. I had 85o in the BB, lol. I made a pair of eights, but the last time I looked it up, queens still beat eights!

JJ has taken to calling me 'honey.' He asked me if I minded being called 'honey.' I told him, "Not at all! In a little male chauvinist pig kind of way, it is actually quite nice." He roared with laughter and the table got a kick out of it. JJ and I get along very well. People don't understand him, people don't understand me. Two outcasts united in the world of poker. Things like these are what I live for.