Monday, March 22, 2004

PJK Tournament Musings

As you can see, the structure for the tourneys has changed slightly. The programmer couldn't figure out how to add antes to Planet's software. So there will be no antes for now.

They are really working hard to make this a success for us.


I have sent out an e-mail "feeler" to try to get us some celebrity players each week. Granted, they may have to cancel at the last minute in order to attend some juicy live game that they just heard about, but hopefully, we will have a poker celeb on most Sundays.

While some of you may think this is -EV, in reality, it is a great learning tool. If we are observant enough to learn from a tourney pro during play, and request hand histories to study the play of the pro, we can turn a present -EV situation into a future +EV.

I have already had some positive responses from my celebs. I wasn't expecting such good feedback so soon! Hopefully, this week we already have a pro lined up to play on Sunday night with us. I think I'll keep his name a secret until the big event. Maybe I'll post a "spoiler" just a couple hours before we tee-off.


Since Planet's software is not the easiest to navigate, I'm going to post some simple instructions. Believe me when I say, I'm not talking "down" to anyone who understands how to navigate, I am talking in layman's terms for myself, LOL!

When you sign in to Planet, you will see the small screen with Roy Cooke on it. At the top, middle, there is a link that says "Tournaments." A new browser window will open. From the little pull down tabs, select the date (of March 28 for our tourney, etc.). A list of all tourneys offered on March 28 will come up. Scroll down until you see "PJK Tourney(Private)." In a day or two, it should have the button that says "Sign up." If it has this button, you are not signed up. If it says, "Withdraw," you are signed up. Click the Withdraw button if you don't want to play for that particular week.

If you unregister, then later decide you can play, you will need to contact Planet immediately.

When it is time to play, go back to that small window with Roy. Click the TAB that says "Tournament." I don't know how ours will be listed yet, but look for something like PJK, or No-Limit Hold'em with 25 player max, something to that affect. That should be us. Now highlight that tourney, then click "Join Table." You should see yourself in there along with others from the PJK community. If they aren't actually in the room yet, their nickname will be proceeded with a star *

If you are signed in correctly, your star * should disappear in front of your name.

It can be extremely slow, waiting for the table to pop up. Don't keep clicking buttons, it will come up, it just takes an age, even with my DSL.

Please write to either me or Planet if you have any trouble.