Saturday, April 03, 2004

Latest Update on Banning from the Belle

I have been extremely fortunate today.

Unbeknownst to me, someone from the Internet was at my table that night at the Belle. He witnessed the entire attack, from beginning to end. He has written to me. Naturally, his testimony will be sent to Mandalay Bay Resorts.

Here is a copy of that testimony (it was published publicly on another site by him):


I feel that Glen the floorman's behavior Monday night was completely

inappropriate. I am sure many of the players were as shocked as I was

to see him stomping around and yelling at you. I am fairly new to

poker rooms and did not know how to react. I know there were many

other new players in the tourney that night. I wouldn't say you made a

fool of yourself. Glen is the one who made a fool of himself. There

were many new players at the table and JVs mistakes were affecting the

play and causing confusion. I appreciate your speaking up and helping

me and the other players to be more alert and aware.

Your journal has created quite a buzz about the Colorado Belle's poker

room; which is why I was in the tournament to start with. My wife and

I enjoyed a three night stay in the hotel and found the service and

the staff to be very good overall. I found most of the poker room

staff and dealers to be very professional, pleasant and helpful. Glen

was the only exception. Glen's poor behavior should not be tolerated

by the Colorado Belle.

Just my 2 cents.