Sunday, April 04, 2004

Planet PJK Tourney

It's almost kick-off time. If you're not busy, and have no life (like me), let's meet in the tourney early and trash talk each other.

Who will bust out first?

Who will fall against the hammer?

Will my guest celeb show or not?

How many hecklers will we have this week?

Who will whine the most about their bad beat?

Will Scott eliminate all of us with his chainsaw?

Where: Planet Poker

When: Sunday, April 4, 2004

Time: 9:00 pm EDT

What: NLHE


Time is ticking away. Our tournament starts in just 1.5 hours! Be at Planet at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT. Please follow the navigational instructions written in PJK Musings in order to take your seat at Planet.

If you do NOT see the "Withdraw" button on our tourney page, please call support at:

1-866-424-2155 (U.S. and Canada Toll-Free)

+011-5999-433-8848 (International)

DOMIT aka Felicia--Registered





Decker aka Lucas67--Not Registered

Hashimoto aka gpoker--Registered

Mean Gene--Registered

Dave aka DontPokeMe--Registered

Al aka AlCantHang--Registered

Pauly aka PaulyMcG--Registered

Scott aka TheChainsaw (fat guy)--Registered

Shift Left aka ShftLeft--Registered

Ryan aka AntiFuse--Registered

Joseph aka (EOS)--Registered

Jason (Odyssey)--Registered

Gosain aka ChefCombo--Not registered

CJ--not registered

Chad Atkins aka Cardplayer--not registered

Charles aka Ugarte--not registered

Chris Halverson--Registered

DP aka Internet Grinder--Registered

Dana aka Shanamouse--not registered

Daryl aka McKormick--Registered

Icey aka Iceyburnz--not Registered

Iggy--not registered

Jason aka MinorThird--registered

Jeremy aka LoveCasinoWar--not registered

Liquid Swords--not registered

Nick aka DogsPoker--Registered

Penguin--not registered

Rick Blaine aka RicksCafe--Registered

Grubby aka Nevins--Registered



boy genius--Registered

The tournament is listed at the tournament registration pages right now as: PJK Tourney (Private).

Players will see a withdraw button IF they're registered. Right now it is maxed out at 30 players, but Planet can add to that when they get all players.


When you log into Planet, there will be a Tournament tab in the lobby. Click that tab and look for our tourney (PJK Tourney). Highlight that line, then click the button to join the table. It will take a while to load up. Don't panic, let it sit for a while. Once the table comes up, you should see your name in one of the seats. Players who have not taken their seats will have a star in front of their name *. If you have a star, something is wrong, call Planet right away. You can feel free to chat (trash talk, lol) before the tourney begins. Try to find the celeb guest player.

Requesting hand histories is much easier on Planet than True or Choice. Simply click the link in the main lobby named Player's Area. When the webpage comes up, click Player's Toolset. Scroll down and request the hand history of the tourney. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Have a great time, everyone!