Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Answering Comments

I'm still trying to finish the final week of the WPPA stories, please bear with me.

To answer some comments:

Ugarte said...
If you can make it into NYC, I'll be in the 9PM show at StandUp NY on the Upper West Side on 11/5. And since you are in town, the local bloggers should try to get a local tourney together - if you think you won't be too tired from the Foxwoods action.

I'm sorry, Ugarte, but I don't think there is any way I could possibly make this trip. My days are going to be jam packed. Playing tourneys and satellites every day is truly grueling. I wish I could see your act! I hope everyone in the NYC area who reads this will pop over to StandUp NY for you!.
Are you going to just be there the 3 days you mentioned, or are you going to be hanging around? I am not a good stud player (yet? go see my night!) but it would be nice to cheer you on. I might just have to break my B&M cherry and play some Hold Em or something at Foxwoods!

We'll be there all day, every day, from Oct 31-Nov 8 (we probably won't get there until late on Oct 31st, having flown all night the night before, and it being my birthday, we might go out to dinner first. Likewise, we will have to leave by about 2pm on the 8th of Nov, to catch our flight home in Providence unless I somehow miraculously win a satellite to the main event, in which case I will consider extending our trip, lol :)
Wondering when your first annual on-line stud tournament is going to happen? I figure with a 20.00 dollar buy in you will get a nice turnout for the bloggers.

Sorry, I'm not really into online poker. Wanna shot at me, find me and we'll play some Stud, hehe!
Just curious as to some of Charlie's thoughts on the pro circuit life. Anything interesting?

This is a tough life, no doubt about it. The flights, the hotels, the casino food. Sitting in a chair for 18 hours straight, ugh. Charlie didn't have to tell me any of this. I think one thing that shocked me the most was at one point in a tourney when there were five players left. They were discussing a deal, and when the final deal was proposed, all five of them said things along the line of, "Hold up, I have to call my backer and make sure it's okay." All of them whipped out cell phones, left the table, and conferred with their backers. I had no idea backing was so overwhelming in 1k events! Yes, it bothered me. Call me "Paula Phillips," lol.