Sunday, November 28, 2004


I had a great time in Vegas. I played some 20/40 Stud at Bellagio. The 40/80 looked horrible, and Jean ended up playing it for about 30 minutes while waiting for his satellite to start, then told me it was a horrible game, just as I'd expected.

I left Bellagio for a few hours to go to the Wednesday Poker Discussion Group at 2pm. Big turnout, which was not expected, since it was the day before Thanksgiving. Dr. Al was there, naturally. Al Spath was in from California. Some 2+2er's were there.

I went back to Bellagio and played more 20/40. They didn't even have the 40/80 going this time (I guess it really was a bad game). Jean had busted out of the tourney very early. Alan Bernstein from the WPDG ended up sitting next to me, and we talked about Israel and politics for hours. I think some of the grumps were getting irritated. One said that Alan took too long to play his hands, lol. I cashed out early and decided my day had been long enough. I was up about $300 and some change, $500 for the day. Alan was playing very well.

I decided to give Palace Station a try for sleeps. I'd heard they offered good room rates. I think I'll go back to downtown, I wasn't impressed with PS. The one thing I did like, though, is that they have a full coffee vending machine, which was right downstairs from my room. The coffee was good, and they offered many varieties.

On Thursday I couldn't steal a pot with a gun and mask. I just couldn't get anything going on. The table was pretty good, a nice mix, but I wasn't dealt many playable hands in the first place, then when I did get something, I got outdrawn almost right away. That was actually what saved me from losing thousands of dollars. The suck-outs happened very early in the hand. I played for six hours, but just couldn't win a hand. I actually won 2 hands in six hours, lol. There were a couple of very good Stud players at our table.

The 40/80 only got going for about 30 minutes, then broke up. It looked bad again.

Joe Sr, Joe Jr and I went to Hugo's Cellar for Thankgiving dinner. We never thought we'd get in, but then the hostess felt sorry for us and squeezed us in at the last second. The dinner was very nice, all foo-foo and stuff. Our conversation was great, as we are all three as crazy as bedbugs and get on well. The only downsides to the cellar are that it is very smokey, and smoking is allowed anywhere. With such a small area, and low ceilings (it really is in a cellar), the smoke seems worse than it is. Also, once the hostess realized that people with real reservations were waiting, she came over and kicked us out. It's not like we were dawdling over dinner or anything. The whole thing went pretty quickly, yet she still had to come over and give us the boot. We couldn't even finish our coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides those two things, though, it was great.

I decided not to play any more poker for the day. I'd switched from Stud to NLHE about an hour before Joe met me at Bellagio. The NLHE was a great game, even though it was a must-move.

On Friday I decided to go home and rest for the day, before returning on Saturday to pick up Glenn from the airport.

Now we are sitting around at home just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Good times!

Someone on RGP said that I had a good poker journal. Under my name, he put the comment, "Glenn is a saint." This might be the most accurate thing anyone has ever said :)