Saturday, November 13, 2004

"You're Not Wanted"

So I'm down to the final two events of the WPPA. Just the NLHE shootout, and the main event.

I missed most of the shootout due to free seats being given away for the main event in a $500 satellite. Hardly anyone showed up, maybe 25 or so, I can't remember now, but they were still giving away a free seat.

Both Glenn and I had won the $500 sat seats in a one table $60 sat. So we were almost freerolling. There were two paid seats, and one free one. Fourth and fifth place got the leftover cash. I busted out early, due to some crappy play by Terry Myers, but Glenn held on to get fourth, I think.

The details are getting fuzzy now, it's been well over a month. I might have some of the specifics incorrect, but I'm close.

Most of the details of the shootout can be found in an earlier post or on Poker Pages.

I was very impressed with Carlos' play. I was also impressed with Cecilia's good take on the HU situation.

At one point, I ran back from my super satellite and saw Carlos get crippled. That is the hand I wrote about where he was down to 4000 and said he would have to play well, in order to come back. Carlos said he actually had some thousands that I didn't see, and he wasn't quite as low as 4000, but more like 12. I couldn't see the high denominations at all when I counted his chips (they might have been out of my eyesight, and I was in a hurry). It did make for a more dramatic story, though!

I hate getting details wrong, but I just couldn't NOT play in the super, with that good of an overlay!

At any rate, Carlos won and I got to meet a very nice guy, who seems to have a super supportive wife, sort of like Glenn & me.

The next day was just satellites. We had two supers, with seven free seats given away altogether. Once again, we won our way in via one table sats. This time, Glenn busted out early in the noon sat, and I was the bubble.

In this satellite, I got to meet, and play against Marsha Wagonner. What a great lady! At one point, when we were both a little short, she offered me a $500 save for whomever didn't make it, assuming one of us wasn't. I felt that she had so much more experience than I did, and that I would be the dead weight in the deal, so I turned her down. People probably think I'm nuts for turning down that deal, but I am the type of person who never wants to feel like a burden on someone, and be remembered for that.

I was just barely hanging on when we were at the bubble. Asher Derei raised my BB, I saw 22 and pushed. Asher had QJ. The flop came T2x, the turn was an ace, the river a king, and just like that, six hours down the drain.

I couldn't play the next sat, starting at seven. I was just too exhausted. Glenn played instead, and got to the final 20 or so. Twelve seats were given away, I believe :(

So we didn't win our seat into the main event, but that was fine.

Once again, the horrible Orleans management was threatening to boot me from my room. For two weeks, all I heard was, "You'll have to leave your room tomorrow, we're all sold out." I got so sick of it. You'd think they would be grateful that I was working for them, for free, but instead, all I got was misery and piles of abuse heaped on my head at every moment.

Instead of fighting them, this time I said to Glenn, "These people can kiss my butt. Fine, they want me out of their freaking hotel so bad, I'll leave." We decided to check out.

On Friday, I went down to the tournament area and saw about fifty people milling about. Some were deciding whether or not they wanted to play.

I told Louis that I was once again being kicked out of my hotel room, and that I'd had enough. I was exhausted and battered, I needed to go home for a couple of days and decompress. Jeff, the executive producer for the GSN, was there and asked me to hold off for 30 minutes or so, that he might have a deal for me. I wondered what in the world he was talking about, but I found out sooner rather than later.