Saturday, October 30, 2004

Off to Foxwoods

Okay, so we're taking off today for Foxwoods.

We're driving up to Vegas first (cheapest flights go out of Vegas, not Kingman, lol). We'll probably go by Bellagio for a few hours, so I can play a little 20/40, or maybe take a shot at 40/80 if it looks good.

I wanted to be able to play in the $500 event yesterday, but the plane was booked for that $89 fare. It might have been a good thing, anyway. I see that my buddy Jean Gaspard got 3rd in the Stud event for a little over 16k.

Jean is the black, French guy I wrote about. What a Stud player! Jeez, that guy is on fire lately (you can look his name up on poker pages).

Foxwoods got almost 300 players for the first Stud event. I am hoping this will bode well for the others. No women cashed, from what I can tell, so I'm vying to be the first, lol.

I wonder if only very few women play big Stud tourneys at FW. I also noticed that after a huge first day (1999 participants), the Omaha 8 event only got a little over 200.

I'm sure tomorrow will be packed again, but since I'm only interested in Stud satellites, maybe I'll catch a break and not have a huge wait.

See everyone in a couple of weeks! Good luck here, and wish me luck there!!!
As an FYI, I will be at Foxwoods from October 31 through November 8, 2004.

I'm planning on playing in three Stud events:

Stud 8, November 1st
Stud, November 4th
Stud, November 7th

Unless I luck out and win a seat to the main event (probably I'll have to send in Glenn as my pinch hitter for the sat, since I'll be having too much real fun playing Stud), we're returning home on November 8th.

If you are on the east coast, please look for me in the ballroom or playing Stud satellites on the HE days. I would love to meet more east coast Stud brethren, lol.