Wednesday, December 01, 2004

This and That

Oh, man, I'm so much better! This morning the sun rose strong and warm. There is less humidity, no cloud cover. A big thanks to Al for helping me over this hump.

I want to drive up to Vegas today to play in some sats for the O8 tourney tomorrow, but Glenn says I'm still way too sick and weak. My blood sugar has been bad, too, so he doesn't want to take any chances. I guess I'll wait til Sunday to try for the Stud 8 event on Monday.

Here are some recent comments and my responses to them:

Jon said...
That is just stunning, the conduct of the GSN producers throughout. Could not believe what I was reading.

Could you explain what you meant when GSN bought the players off? Did the players agree to make a deal once the $21,000 was added? Agree to speed up the levels?

Why would GSN want the players to make a deal??? Aren't they trying to make a compelling television show? Oy, my head hurts.

This one is a tough one to answer. I don't have cold, hard facts, because I wasn't there to witness this personally. Although I hate spreading rumors, the fact remains that unless I say nothing at all, I am contributing to spreading them. In this case, I think my source is good enough to take that chance.

James VanAlstyne, the winner of the WPPA, said that once the players got down to five, GSN offered 3rd-5th an extra 7k each to speed things up. He said the TV crew had to absolutely leave by 10am, or face late charges and/or fines that were probably much in excess of the 21k (since the equipment was rented, and most of the crew were contractors).

Jason said...
Can we get some details about Glenn's MTT strategy? I know I could use all the help I can get.


You don't have to ask Glenn twice. He got right on it. Remember, though, this is for freerolls only, not buy-in tourneys. I will post it here, as well as providing a link to Glenn's site.
DuggleBogey said...
Why do you feel like you cannot link to some of the blogs you love and read? Is it because you think the writing is inappropriate for your intended audience, or a lack of "pokery" kind of content?

I get most of my daily reading from the links of bloggers I respect that don't simply link everyone they can think of. Yours is one of the former.

Sometimes I simply don't see the forest for the trees! I can be very one minded, extreme tunnel vision. Right after I posted yesterday, Glenn pointed out the same type of thing, "Um, why don't you put more links in "non-poker sites?" Duh, because I'm a dope, that's why! You are right, Duggle, thanks for pointing it out along with Glenn.