Thursday, February 24, 2005

Random Thursday

Well, Glenn is off doing dealer's training again today. Hopefully they will give him an audition afterwards, or at least sometime this week (what is left of it).

As I expected, Glenn was a natural.

The funny thing about Monday was that the best dealer they have at the Palms, Billy, didn't show up for the dealer training thingy. So that left a nice guy, Pat, along with the floorman Adrian, running the training. Since both were on duty at the same time, I tried to help out by just pointing out little things as I saw them, when both Pat and Adrian were away from the table (which was most of the time).

I tried not to be critical at all, but be more encouraging than anything. This was made pretty easy by the fact that I don't know anything about dealing, just what I like, and what I noticed Pat & Adrian had said was proper procedure.

One poor guy just couldn't shuffle to save his life. His hands were like bricks, each finger refusing to work. He was so nervous he declined to sit in the box as they rotated taking turns dealing.

Another guy had practiced his pitch over and over again at home, and had a great pitch. His velocity was perfect, as well as his angle.

Glenn did the best overall. He overraked the pot twice, both times when Adrian just happened to be looking, and always forgot to move the button, but overall he did exceptionally well, and better than half of the dealers already working at the Palms, lol.

Last night was the RGP tourney at Full Tilt. We played HORSE, the first ever on the Internet. As an added incentive, Full Tilt put $55 into the prize pool for us. We got 157 players, which is more than anyone expected, and first prize was in the $500 range!!! Amazing.

I had a great time, yet I still wish I'd been able to go play live at the Palms. That is how it is for me, Internet poker is somehow like playing Internet Billiards on Yahoo. It's just not the real thing.

So anyway, I think we busted out in this order: Iggy, Felicia, Tom Bayes, Tanya, G-Rob, Bad Blood.

Perry Friedman, who works for FTP ended up winning the whole thing. At one point, three-handed, I saw him down to his last 10k, versus the other guys who had 80k and 150k approximately. He went all-in, and after that, just ground his way up again, to eventually take it all. Yeah, he got really lucky, too, who doesn't in a tourney? One time in the Stud round it was straight over straight. Both going for gutshots, both getting there. Stuff like that. But that is what it takes to win tourneys.

I hope that FTP continues the HORSE event. If I were to give them any feedback (and I will), I would say that we either need more starting chips, they need to increase the levels from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, or they need to slow down the structure a bit in the 2nd hour. Also, there needs to be a big, flashing sign about the game changing. Too many times people had no idea that the game had changed, and kept playing the previous game. I am too anal to have let that happen to me. I not only watched the screen carefully, for that one little blurb to come up, but I also kept glancing at the top of the screen, where the current game was listed, in addition to having the tournament lobby up right behind the main screen, staggered in the right, bottom corner, so I could see how many minutes we had left in each level, and the current game. I was erring on the "too cautious" side, perhaps, but that is me.

Glenn and I will most likely be playing at home, tonight, on the Internet. The weather is so crappy that I can barely type. It just started storming again, like we needed more rain, in this, the wettest winter in over 100 years!

Glenn posted recently about his 4th place finish at the Palms. Go check it out, the guy can write!

I think I'll sit here and wait for him to get home. Maybe he'll even bring me back a "Chip-A-Toe" sandwich! LOL!

Felicia :)