Friday, March 04, 2005

Get on the HORSE!

Glenn has a good post up about some recent play at the Palms. Go check it out!
Since both RGP and WPT fan site are holding their own, private HORSE tourneys on Full Tilt, I came up with the shockingly original idea that we should hold our own HORSE tourney there, too!

Betcha never saw that one coming out of left field, eh?

Iggy just wrote Full Tilt to ask about a private HORSE tourney for us. Yippee, I don't have to do anything more, just sign up and go!
I proposed to Dan that I write up an occasional poker newsletter for the Palms. Their $500 added tourneys have been such a success that the Palms might actually become a "real" cardroom in Laughlin!

No, I won't take money, that would mean I'd have a commitment to be nice, PC and a responsibility to do the newsletter regularly. Can't have a real JOB, now, can I? :)
I finished 4th in the WPT Fan private HORSE tournament.

I was short stacked almost the whole way through, taking some hits early, then treading water for the next two hours, haha! I'm good at playing short, since I'm almost always in that position these days during tourneys.

The play was pretty atrocious. RGPer's are much better HORSE players than the crew at the WPT fan club site :)

I had to go into a pretty passive mode until we got down to two or three tables, because they were literally calling huge bets with anything. Guys calling two or three bets cold in Razz with a king underneath. Calling all the way with two nines in the hole, etc. Someone said that the hole cards automatically shuffle on FTP at showdown, but if they did, they surely didn't shuffle mine. Maybe that is an option somewhere?

Stud 8 was funny, too. Guys making it two or three bets on third with the third highest doorcard (showing a ten, when two people left to act were showing a queen, king or ace). Just crazy stuff, stuff you would expect from kids who have never played poker before and are playing with matches.

Since hiding in the weeds is a good tactic of mine, that is precisely what I did, until I had a lock. Unlike the other night, this time I got lucky and when I pushed my hands, they held up.

One horrific beat I observed was when a player started with A234 in Razz and hit every brick in the deck, while his opponents started with crap (well, one did start with a three-card eight, but it was an eight-six or something that should have been tossed when he observed how strong the A234 was).

Anyway, I'm going to read some blogs and finish my coffee.

Have a great day!

Felicia :)