Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blogger Get Together

A lot of the bloggers are posting their schedules for Vegas. Some bloggers are posting safe, general guidelines for a long weekend in Vegas. Those are pretty important, because not many people realize just how hot and dry they will become in the desert, and drinking only exacerbates the dehydration.

I remember when Glenn came out to Vegas in August of 1996 when we first started dating. One day he wanted to "surprise" me with some George Carlin tickets. He walked from the Westward Ho all the way down to Bally's for those tickets, in the August sun. He was so exhausted he had to take the bus back. Then he crawled into the hotel bed and couldn't get up for hours. He wasted a whole day trying to be brave in the desert sun. He's lucky nothing worse happened, he could have ended up in the ER.

Although I won't necessarily go into a whole list of things you should watch for in Vegas, I will say that you should probably order a bottle of water whenever you order a drink. If you keep up the water to drink ratio, you will fare better than most people.
One word of advice. If you are staying downtown, make sure to ask for a room NOT facing Freemont St. If you are facing Freemont, you'll get the jolt of your life every hour when the Experience starts up. The music is deafening. Like 80 decibels or something. Even if you use earplugs and have a pillow over your head, you will wake up like an electric shock when it starts up.

For the classiest joint downtown, try here:

Ah, fond memories. When I was 21 or 22, I learned how to play general strategy BJ at the Western. Back then it was only 50 cents per hand. Later, I taught Glenn how to play BJ there, when the minimum had been raised to $1. We also learned, cheaply, how to count cards.

The Western is a fun place. No carpeting, so no one is going to kick you out for stubbing a ciggy out on the rug (not that I ever smoked, but what a novel idea). It's just a plain concrete floor. The ventilation is achieved by the high-tech factory doors they roll open each morning. At night, hookers and drug dealers are plentiful and so easily available right outside. What more could anyone ask for?

Felicia :)