Sunday, June 05, 2005

We're Home!

We are home and slowly recovering. Oy, was that one heck of a party or what?

You know, I have a reputation (cough) of being a little bit harsh and perhaps even pessimistic in my writing. I tend to see the rough side of life, of the world, and don't censor my thoughts on those issues.

Rarely will I post that something was so phenomenal there really WAS no disappointment. I'm not one of those drippy saps who will say something just to say it, whether it exists or not.

So, without any hesitation whatsoever, I have to say that the Poker Blogger get together was a huge, monster success. I mean overwhelmingly so.

I'm sitting here racking my brain to try to think of something negative to say, because not everything can be shiny, happy, Kumbaya, right? Well, wrong. From my own perspective, everything was fantastic. Not even one event, one comment, came along to scar my three-day party.

Sure, I was weak, not as able to party 24/7 like some of the other bloggers, but I have had diabetes forever, so I'm used to having to slow down. The cancer and subsequent mastectomy hasn't changed me much in that sense. Maybe I'm a little more weak, but it didn't even come close to marring my time in Vegas with the bloggers.

I did everything in my power to make everyone feel as uncomfortable as possible. None of my taunting hit the bloggers in the wrong way. I think they know what's up by now with me, that I'm totally just FOS and trying to get them to relax by giving them a hard time.

I did have some early success with Helixx, who looks like some butt-ugly guy on the Internet, and turned out to be some Eddie Bauer model. He seemed embarrassed that I kept telling everyone how gorgeous he was, and showing him off, and trying to get him to take off his wedding ring for the night (lol). Unfortunately, he got used to my torment and kind of started to roll with it by Saturday night.

I tried the alcohol enema shtick on quite a few bloggers, but I think they were either too drunk to respond in an outraged manner, or either they are simply used to my personality by now.

As I recover from the trip, I'll post little tidbits here and there. Somehow our digital camera stopped working, so we didn't get any pics. I'll have to steal them from some other site. Jeez, you pay $17 for a nice digital camera at Walmart and it quits after six months!

Talk to you soon,

Felicia :)