Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big Posts Upcoming...

Okay, now that regular readers know that I am back on some kind of poker and blogging horse, they are wondering why I've not posted anything of substance following my 4000 word Tolkien thesis, which could have been summed up in about ten words, lol ;)

No, I have not been dormant or taking a break. No such luck, for those of you who were just hoping and praying that my journals were going to die off. Although it might be a blessing if the journals died, as well as the writer, I'm still kicking. Probably something like cancer would thrive in my body and keep me alive for the next fifty years, instead of killing me.

So I have some biggies on the plate.

And with that, I'll leave you on a cliff. I hate it when writers do that, but since my readers hate me almost as much as the general public does, here is a little fuel added to the fire.

Felicia :)