Thursday, September 29, 2005

Monkeys at Feeding Time

So yesterday I was waiting for a chair at one of my favorite petting zoos, UB.

I noticed that the game had an average pot size of 18 big bets!

Watching a couple of the action players, I saw that two of them had short stacks and were putting bets in like feeding pellets in the monkey house. They were sitting across from each other.

When I got my seat, I was to the right of one of the primates, whilst the other was across the table from me.

Knowing they were itching to get all-in, I knew I would have to monitor my strategy to help them achieve their goals with absolutely no way to win the pot, nor any portion of it.

While it might be said that this hand could "play itself," I still kept my mind alert to the fact that I'd like to have their chips in my stack, especially since they were intent on losing everything, then leaving the game. Why be charitable to the other lemmings when the charity should come home first?
Mega shortstacked Flying Lemur with only 3 big bets left is in late position and raises two limpers, including me.

I have A355 ds in middle position.

There are three cold callers, and the previous limper and I call one more.

The other monkey, Tamarin, to my left, calls both bets cold. He has 20 BB's left. Six of us see a flop with 12 small bets and a dead ten cent small blind.

The flop comes 225 rainbow. Come to mama!

Tamarin Monkey bets right out from the BB. Two smooth callers, including yours truly.

PFR Flying Lemur immediately raises. Naw, I didn't see that coming!

One cold call, Tamarin calls, Felicia re-raises. Everyone calls, Lemur reraises all-in, which closes the betting, we all call.

The turn brings a six. Oh, happy day!

It's checked to me, I bet, all call.

The river is a nine, which also brings a runner flush, but who cares, I flopped full! It is possible that one of those primates stayed in all the way with 99, but I'm not stopping now!

Cold calling, passive wacko actually made his flush and thought it was good. He bets right out with: 78KK ds. I raise, two folds and drawing dead flush-monkey flat calls (rats, too bad he couldn't just keep raising me!).

I scoop a pot of over 21 big bets :)

PFR Lemur with mega shortstack had: A44J with a suited ace. He sat out, then left the table shortly thereafter. I managed to get almost four big bets from Tamarin Monkey.

My, O8 is such a great game!

Felicia :)