Monday, September 26, 2005

The Theory of Limit Omaha 8

I am working on a theory of limit O8. It is something that every decent players knows, but I have yet to see a name attributed to it.

Sort of like the theory that David wrote about in TPFAP. The "gap theory." He said everyone knew about it, but he had yet to see it written down, discussed openly, with a name assigned.

I have no illusions that players don't know about this theory, but we don't really ever discuss it, nor have I seen any kind of unique name attributed to the theory. I can't figure out what I should call it, because every name that comes to mind is something that is completely different in another game, like HE or Stud.

Anyway, I just wanted to type out a quick FYI, so that I didn't forget to write about it, as soon as I get it more clearly cemented in my mind.

Maybe I should conduct a poll, so that the right name can be used.

Felicia :)