Monday, January 23, 2006


Today has been kind of a day in limbo for me. I hate days like that. I hate sitting around waiting when there is something for me to do.

Glenn and I didn't notice until last week that our ATM cards from BOA were about to expire. Glenn had called up asking for a replacement card because his magnetic strip was getting old, and he suddenly realized that the card was expiring on 2/06. BOA claims they sent us new cards a while back, but we never got them. Thankfully there was no theft, but they did want to "cancel" the cards and assign us new ones. They promised to send them overnight express, but that usually means two-three days in Golden Valley, lol. Sure enough, we didn't get the package until today at 4:30pm. So all day long I've just been sitting here, waiting to get to LA.

Glenn promised me that we could go early, since we had to cancel our Tunica trip. Then I ran into Stan Schrier at Bellagio and he told me the Stud and Stud 8 games at Commerce are better than ever. That made me want to go to LA even sooner, lol.

Well, since we didn't get the cards until so late today, we decided to wait until tomorrow to make our trip. Five hours will probably render me useless tonight, so we'd get there just to fall into a hotel room bed. I'd rather sleep at home and start out fresh tomorrow!

I've been working hard on my Stud game, and took a little dough out of the Bellagio last week, after being a big donor the week before, lol. I realized that I needed to study a bit. Stud is so complicated. Things don't just "come back" after a few hands.

Online I've been moving up in Omaha 8 limits. I'm playing both limit and pot-limit. Yesterday I actually 3/4 my biggest pot to date (online PLO8). It was $200. Woohoo! I'm a slow, methodical player who only moves up when and if I think I can beat the game. While others might have BEGUN at the levels I'm now playing, I can't make myself do that. I'm a rock, a nutpeddler. I want the money to flow IN, not out! Anyway, I'm winning at both limit O8 and PLO8, so no complaints. I may not have days in the thousands and tens of thousands like Ribbo, but I am running good, and my accounts are going up, up, up.

So that is it for me. I'll be at Commerce for the next four days (say "hi" if you see me), and then it's onto a ship for our next cruise to Mexico. I should be back and updating on February 4th or thereabouts.

Bon Voyage!

Felicia :)