Monday, January 16, 2006

Wynn Rules

So we decided to go up to Vegas again on Thursday. I was supposed to meet up with Mat Sklansky to cop a polo shirt. Unfortunately, Mat's Grandpa died overnight, so we had to postpone the shirt and all-you-can-drink offer.

Lots of 2+2er's were going to be in town (mostly from LA), so we did a little, informal meet & greet anyway. Mason showed up, and we had a good time.

I'm still really impressed with Wynn. Too many reasons for me to list, but I will say that out of all of the cardrooms I frequent, Wynn seems to do the least number of things WRONG. Big plus, in my book.

Unfortunately, Wynn seems to be moving in the direction of ALL HOLD'EM, ALL THE TIME. Not on purpose, just via demand. They are still striving to keep mixed and O8 games going, so that is a big positive on their side. The comp system can't be beat, although it still has some glitches (we experienced firsthand).

The guys I met from 2+2 were great. They were all 20-something's and reveled in calling me "old" for a couple of days. I just smiled and laughed, knowing what they were in for during the next few years.

The Omaha 8 game was just fantastic. Day or night, it was rarely a rock garden. Sometimes a completely live player would come in and raise everything. Several pots in a row were capped at five bets BEFORE the flop. My nirvana :)

I played in a 20/40 HOE game on Thursday night, but the only truly live player left after only an hour or so, then the game became severely shorthanded and broke not long after.

I looked in on the 40/80 TOE game at Bellagio, but tons of tough players were sitting there trying to decide who was best, lol. No thanks!

Late on Friday night we got a 10/20 HORSE game going. It was mostly 2+2er's, with a few walk-in's here and there. Great game, and I even managed to squeak out a $300 win (most of the really "good" games I won less than 10 big bets, or lost). I was the only Razz player at the table, so most of my wins were at that game.

We had a room at the Wynn for both Thursday and Friday nights. The poker room rate was $129/199. The garage is right by the poker room and the hotel rooms are right by the poker room. Heaven.

The hotel rooms are very nice. We had a corner room, so we had two sides of the window/walls.

Now that I have played some Stud games again, it reminds me that I was going to write a post on a theory of mine. I'll get on that today.

Felicia :)