Monday, January 09, 2006

Quest of a Closet Poker Player

I was over at reading a critique of my post last week which held MY opinion of a good poker blog, when I ran across some excellent additions.

1) Depth
2) Change

Detail (another he listed) I can take or leave. In a good poker blog, it can be an essential tool. In a mediocre poker blog, the author can twist facts in order to provide detail that is misleading or distracting.

Anyway, on one hand, this provides another example of how bloggers keep conveniently leaving off the first paragraph of my post, the one that states I am giving MY opinion of what makes a good poker blog (what will get me to read one site over another). I could go on and on providing examples of bloggers who insist on leaving out that first, essential paragraph, lol.

No, I'm not picking on CC (that was the nickname I had from both sets of Grandparents, btw). I actually have somewhat of a point.

I liked that he added HIS criteria, instead of just simply ripping me to shreds like many of the other flamers. Unlike me, however, his criteria will probably not get flamed. That is a special, little quirk that blog-dom seems to reserve for me. Aren't I lucky? Thanks, guys, I feel so loved.

Anyway, to move on, here is an excerpt from my comments:

And the one important thing that people keep missing: I said that this is MY criteria. I don't speak for the world, nor do you.

I would never come here and criticize what YOU believe makes a great journal, in fact, I agree completely with your criteria. Yet even if we disagreed 100%, I would respect YOUR opinion, and even applaud you for having one, and stating it openly.

For whatever reason, perhaps since I am a woman, I am castrated for MY opinion, regardless of the number of times I insist it is personal. Go figure.

At any rate, good analysis and additions. Change and depth make a great blog. Although I'm sure some will disagree with you on that, preferring instead to post thoughtless hand history after hand history, I'm quite sure YOU won't get flamed. That seems to be a blessing bloggers hold sacred for me.

CC has responded, trying to suck up a little (in his words), lol. I can be bought. Oh, no, I can't. I forgot, I don't post ads all over my site in order to make a little scratch on the side from mindless, clueless readers. Oh, sorry, another rant, lol. I'll save that fight for a better day.

I won't post CC's reply, that way you have to go to his site. And guess what, it's ad-free, just like this one. No flashing banners or pop-ups. At least someone is trying to do something right.

Felicia :)