Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Makes a Good Poker Blog? (Part I, Bad Beats)

Okay, now that I have ripped everyone to shreds, and likely made a few new enemies (I'm good at doing that, aren't I?), I'll try to provide some hints on what I, personally, think makes a good poker blog.

1) Don't post bad beat stories
2) Don't post hand histories
3) Don't whine about losses
4) Don't post pics of kids or pets
5) Give your opinion
6) Are you a poker journal, or not?
7) Try to act serious about your play
8) If you are going to enable comments, actually REPLY when someone leaves one

We'll take them one-by-one, since I've never had trouble "elaborating," plus some of you still don't know much about reading comprehension, because you continue to break the many commandments of good blogmaking.

First, NO ONE cares about your bad beat. You could post the worst beat in the world, and I guarantee you, we don't care. Players with any, little amount of experience have suffered beats. Most of us have "seen it all." And you know what? We DON'T CARE!

Believe it or not, and no, I don't expect many of you to believe it, because I am obviously not targeting top players, "bad beats" usually are anything but...they usually are indicative of bad play. Yes, I am serious. Your supposed "bad beat" normally means you played badly either during the hand, leading up to the hand or in general. Good players realize that there really is no such thing as a "bad beat." We call that variance. Or the small price we pay for keeping the fish in the game. We don't even think about "bad beats." We congratulate the fish and move on. It is NOT an issue. We don't tell our friends about "bad beats," we don't tell other players, we don't really write about it (except to flesh out the story, or illustrate how we got eliminated from a tourney), we don't cry, pout or whine. We just keep going. It's not an issue.

No matter how sympathetic someone acts when you write about your "bad beat," or tell a player at your table, etc, it is just an act. Because we truly DON'T CARE! If you are sitting next to a player who commiserates with you, he is doing it because he feels you are a fish and he DOESN'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE! If you post it on your blog and get some sympathy, either one or two things are occurring. Either the person commenting is humoring you because he thinks you are a fish, or the commenter is a fish himself, and has no idea how to play poker. Either way, you LOSE. Stop posting your bad beats!

Felicia :)