Monday, January 02, 2006

Online Poker Sites...Speechless!

One thing that rarely happens to me is that I'm left speechless. Speechless in a good way, that is. Sometimes I'm so horrified about something I'm speechless for a few seconds, until I go completely off.

I find that within the poker blogger (and reader) community, I'm often the one left doing "all of the work." It seems like everyone wants to be catered to and pampered. This is not to say that I'm the ONLY one, just that I'm one of the bloggers that people seem to come to in order to "get the scoop." I'm a bottom feeder's paradise.

Today I was surfing around and found a new post by Suckout.


I mean, even if you, personally, didn't agree with any of his opinions and think Absolute Poker is the nuts (LOL), you have to admit that he did some homework here, and really went out of his way to provide us with a fantastic post.


Felicia :)