Friday, December 23, 2005

Good Friends

Lots of things prey heavily on my mind. I am not someone who can just slough things off every day. I get way too involved and stressed out.

Believe it or not, this is the main reason we don't have TV. People think we are trying to be educated, trying to be different and thumb our noses at television. Most of it is because I would get too stressed out by watching the news and current events.

To put it in perspective, one time we were in a hotel and I was watching the Animal Channel. They had that animal cop show on, and all of these little puppies were being abused and ended up dying. I was crying so hard and was so emotional I had a high fever and was in shock for days.

That's me, for better or for worse.

One of the best friends I've made in the blogger world, and one of the sole reasons I stay involved in the blogger world, is Al Rash. We are the most unlikely of friends, but there ya go.

I thought Al was a big dope when he first came along. He didn't know anything about poker and couldn't play to save his life. I remember when he was in a NLHE tourney once and said something in his write-up like, "Well, there were two pair on the board, but luckily, since I had aces, kicker played."

No, I will never let him live that one down. Although he deleted it from his blog and begs me to shut up about it.

We all make huge goofs, and he is free to tease me mercilessly about mine. Like that time in the $1500 O8 event when I turned over my hand and said, "I have a straight" when no straight was possible. Please, never let me live that one down!

Anyway, I never thought I'd like Al. What would make me like him? He drinks, whereas I never drank until November 2004. He is light and carefree and acts silly. I'm always serious, sober and moody. Besides, I don't like anyone, so why would I like him? Law of averages says I'm not going to like him, if I'm a hermit and don't like anyone.

So surprise, surprise. Al turned out to be a great guy, Eva a great gal and Mike a great friend.

As a live friendship, it started in Vegas during the first blogger get together in December 2004. I had arranged an informal sushi dinner at an AYCE sushi place off-strip. We arranged it around BG, who didn't even end up coming, because he was crying in his room after I called him chubby.

Al, however, kept the reservation, regardless. Which should tell you right there just what kind of a friend he is. He could easily have skipped out. Everyone was begging him to stick around Excalibur for further drunken antics. No one wanted to go eat with us, preferring to party on. Everyone had some excuse, and most were pretty lame. But commitment and loyalty drove Al, Eva and Mike to leave the Excal and go to the sushi joint anyway, although they could have easily blown us off.

And that is how it's been ever since. A good friendship, from those who keep their promises.

Hold on, Tito, I need a tissue. LOL ;)

Okay, so we had a great time. And somehow, even though I never touched alcohol the whole time we were in Vegas, whereas Al stayed drunk virtually 24/7, we became good friends.

How this band of misfits became so close is something I still don't understand. I'm as worked up and anal as Al is easygoing. I'm difficult to get along with. I'm hard to be a friend to. I'm wacky with a disgusting, morbid sense of humor. I turn almost everyone off. In my lifetime, Glenn has been the only one who has ever understood me. It was tough, even for him, but he's a trooper.

Now I have Al, too. And the great thing is that they like Glenn, and I like Eva & Mike, too. So it's a whole, crazy gang.

We've made lots of plans together. They came to see us in January at Commerce. We've met up several times. We are planning Tunica, a cruise, AC.

Tonight Al told me so many things that I'd never been told before. He made so many things clear. Maybe it was because he was drunk and sentimental, lol.

No, seriously, he explained many of the problems that I've had over the past few months understanding why things are the way they are. And he let me see inside of him quite a bit, too. It's impossible to explain to someone else what their problems are, if you don't let them see inside you, too. He let me in, while helping me out.

That is friendship, in my book.

Felicia :)