Friday, January 06, 2006

Wynn Anyone?

Glenn feels really rotten about keeping me from Tunica. Poor guy, he hates to say "no" to any of my harebrained ideas.

So as a consolation, he said we could go to Vegas this weekend. I could use a little mixed game at the Wynn, lol. I hope it gets going. We'll probably leave this evening, after my oncologist's appointment.

Today I was going to release the Best of, Worst of 2005 on this site, publicly. However, after the flaming I received over stating MY opinion of what makes a good poker blog, I'm rethinking whether or not I should release it. I just can't believe how angry people get on the Internet. Wow, it's like an outlet to go postal or something.

I figure if they get this mad at me for not even mentioning names, how many threats am I going to get when I release the huge monstrosity with names and links??? Oy, vey! And to think, I even left off the names of those I feel might be sociopaths altogether this year (after what happened last year, I was too scared not to leave them out!).

So maybe in the case of self preservation, I should keep the Best of, Worst of 2005 off of Blogger.

I hate being a wimp, but I like my head (attached) just fine!

Felicia :)