Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tunica Nixed

Well, Glenn just had a long talk with me and nixed Tunica. I understand, he's doing it for my own good. My iron (and other labs) are just low. Dr. Al (Schoonmaker) keeps telling me that the reason my memory won't come back is because my anemia is so bad.

Glenn thought I'd be mad at him, but truthfully, if I was mentally tougher, I'd admit to myself that he's right and I'm not strong enough, and I would have canceled myself (or never made the reservations to begin with).

While the structure of the events looks absolutely fantastic, and the cash games are not to be topped, how can I really expect to keep up? I'd probably spend most of my time in the "cottage" anyway, moaning and groaning about how sick I am, lol.

He says we can either make a trip to Vegas for poker-only, or go out to LA a little earlier than our cruise (January 28th) and get in some poker at Commerce and the Bike.

I'm sorry if anyone made any plans around meeting me in Tunica. Don't throw rotten tomatoes at me, throw them at Glenn, haha!

Felicia :)