Monday, January 09, 2006

Childish, Immature Rant with a Grey Goose Kicker

I'm completely shocked at the number of illiterate people on the web. Are all public schools in America truly giving out diplomas to people who cannot read? I thought that was reserved for my high school, St. Charles High School, where men wear wallet chains and women are on welfare, living in a trailer and pregnant with their third child by age 20, lol.

Ah, but I digress. I guess I'm lucky that people in blog-dom can't read. Being unable to read my journal probably means they're unable to read the board in Omaha 8. I love it when guys start arguing with the table and dealer that "they have a straight" with three cards in their hand.

Why would one sit at a poker table when he doesn't know the rules of the game? Even more so, why would he continue to argue with the dealer and eight or nine players at the table when he has no idea how to play Omaha? Ah, but they do all the time. And that is why a rockish, nut peddling, grinder like me can make a little scratch.

It's amazing to me that I can post year after year on 2+2 with little to no trouble, yet on my own, personal site, if I post anything even RESEMBLING an opinion, flames hit my mail and IM like an Oklahoma wildfire.

But perhaps that is the difference between an average "blog" reader and a 2+2er. That little thing called "reading comprehension."

Webster's defines "comprehension" as:

1) the act or action of grasping with the intellect
2) knowledge gained by comprehending
3) the capacity for understanding fully

Obviously some of my readers are missing a few of these skills. Perhaps you're an inbred, redneck like me, doomed to get cancer and die a painful death early in life. Cheers!

Speaking of such...

We were unable to get a room in Vegas this weekend due to two conventions. CES and a supposed porn convention in town (I haven't checked this one out, that is just what I heard via the grapevine).

So in the end, we had to drive all the way down to Boulder City in order to get a room. Now, I personally like BC, because it's sort of like Kingman, I suppose. That small town, uneducated feel. Yum, I fit right in.

Anyway, there was a HE table at the end of the gaming pit at Hacienda. After a rough night on Saturday, Glenn and I decided to go play a little fishy 2/4 no-fold'em-hold'em. They had just opened the table, and it was $3.00 max rake with no BBJ drop.

No one knew how to play. They were "just learning" in Boulder (Boulder is not the type of town with tourists, these were all locals).

I had a lot of fun and monkeyed away about $80 playing ATC.

Glenn had a harder time, being a little more anal and rules oriented than I am (after working at the Palms for a year; previous to this he was a lot more laid back). After four Bailey's and creams, however, even Glenn loosened up and started having fun.

Anyway, there is a point to my story. The point is, it is hard to get Grey Goose in any cardroom in Vegas. Most of the time the cocktail waitresses assert that it doesn't exist, although I would give 100:1 that GG is served at a pay bar in their casino, lol. Other times the waitresses are more candid, admitting that they HAVE it, but not free, for game players (yes, I have even offered to pay something for the premium vodka, as well as the tip).

So we are sitting in a little, dumpy casino in beautiful, downtown Boulder City (okay, it isn't that beautiful unless you count a view of Lake Mead, which is lovely, and a casino almost overlooking the Dam, but has no windows, lol). Nor is Hacienda downtown, but this will have to do for writer's license. Where was I? Oh, drifting as usual.

Okay, so we are sitting at the Hacienda kicking back with some high stakes 2/4 Hold'em. The waitress asks about drinks, I do my usual shtick of having her list the premium vodkas. She lists a few far-from-premium brands. Just as I'm getting ready to cross my fingers and go with the best of the bunch, she adds, "And of course we have Grey Goose."

Stunned, I question her further. They really stock GG at this place? This little dump where you can see one end of the casino from the other, with no problem? They really serve it to POKER players? I almost demand to look at the bottle, but what would that prove? Anything could be in that bottle, lol.

Every time she comes back to the table, I ask again. Shocked.

I drank two of these Bloody Mary's. One was made with like three shots of GG, so in reality, I drank four drinks, lol. I guess she thought she'd have the bartender overcompensate, since I seemed so incredulous about them giving out GG to poker players. I asked her to refrain from over-shooting (is that a word???) the next drink.

I figured I'd find out in the morning if it really was GG or not. I found out. It must have been a good brand with few impurities, because there was NO dreaded hangover. Felt fine as a fiddle.

Go figure! Grey Goose at the Hacienda!

Felicia :)

PS: Please go flame someone else, I'm sick of being your scapegoat.